Sugaring FAQ

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an all natural method of removing body hair. It's pure sugar, water & lemon juice creating a paste that is placed on the skin. Using a gloved hand, it is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed in the natural direction of hair growth resulting in less in grown hairs & irritation.

How do I prepare for a Sugaring appointment?

For any sugaring appointment - Arrive without body lotion, deodorant or face makeup on areas that will be treated.

For a Brazilian- Allow your hair to grow for at least 2 weeks if previously shaven. Gently exfoliate with a sugar scrub or body glove to loosen any dead skin that might be clogging your hair follicle. Arrive showered or use personal wipes that are provided in the treatment room.

Can I sugar while pregnant?

Yes! It is completely safe mama. Pregnancy will cause you to be more sensitive than normal, especially if you're getting a brazilian. Most mama's maintain their brazilian sugaring up until their due date.

Is it safe for sensitive skin types?

Sugaring is ideal for clients with the most sensitive skin. It's luke warm temperature will NEVER take off live skin cells. Our paste never contains chemicals or resin.

How can you remove sugar paste?

To remove any residual sugar paste on your skin just use water or a warm towel.

Can I sugar if I'm using retinol or accutane?

No. If using a topical retinol you must not sugar for 30 days. If using accutane do not sugar until 6 months after stopping use.