Our Team

Meet your Beauty artists



Owner of Sweet Beauty, Sugarist, Brow Artist & Educator

This southern California babe has been a sugarist and skincare specialist for 8 years. Mylene is passionate about educating clients on their skincare needs and achieving your desired beauty goals.

As master of Brazilians, she will calm your nerves, give a nearly painless experience and you'll leave brand new woman! Brows are her favorite service - Countless women have trusted her to reshape their brows that transformed their face and gave them their confidence back.

Outside the treatment room, Mylene is a wife & mother of two girls. She enjoys traveling, concerts, wine tasting and spending time with family & friends.



Body Contour specialist, Lash extension, Lash Lift artist and Sugarist

Marie has a passion for recognizing the importance of both the aesthetics and health of the body as essential components in creating beautiful canvases. She takes pride in capturing the details of curating the best treatment plan for her clients.

Of the clock, Marie enjoys fun under the sun, traveling with a side of foodie adventures, and chillaxing the mind with yoga or cycling.



Body Contour specialist, Lash lift artist and Sugarist

Mailan is a licensed esthetician. Born and raised in Orange County.

She is gentle, detail oriented and always does her best to provide a positive experience. She focuses on empowering her clients to feel their best in their own skin by educating them about proper use of skincare and providing the best treatments.

In her free time, Mailan is passionate about assembling the perfect charcuterie board, vibing at music festivals, hiking, and exploring the hype food scene of SoCal. Her perfect Saturday night would consist of munching on a charcuterie board while watching the sunset. I look forward to meeting you!